Davinder Johal
Many years ago (well, decades really), armed with my Atari ST computer and latest Epson dot matrix printer (the ones that printed onto green and white lined paper – remember those anybody over 40?) and imagination on fire after nuking myself with Clive Barkers ‘Books of blood’, I began tentatively to put ribbon ink to paper. Out of my brain I teased out stories like an African witch doctor winding out worms from patients veins. Stories with titles like; ‘Bugs’, ‘Breaking Out’ and ‘The Caller’. These stories were crap, though at the time I fancied that I had created my own fissure in the world and had looked into the Abyss. Thankfully it was about then that I met my future wife and found far more interesting things to do and dream about, and generally stayed sane for the next 20 years.

Well the abyss or at least the fissure in my cortex is still there and the monsters are looking for ways to climb out. I needed to start writing again. I joined Leeds Writers and Poets. The rest as they say is, still total obscurity – not because of LWAP I hasten to add but my own lack of hard work.

For members and friends at LWAP I’ll try and bring you the scraps, scrag ends and perhaps some rough and unpolished treasures from my imagination and lay them before you. Offerings for your amusement and consideration. Come in, settle down, get a cup off coffee, turn the lights down to the cone of a reading lamp and edge a little closer to the Abyss. Don’t worry it’s only words…except some of us suspect that it’s not always so...