Russell Lloyd
I’m so glad to meet such a bunch of obviously talented people, thank you!

I 'm 61 as at 2017, retired, and live on a pension that keeps me in a style I have to get accustomed to! I enjoy the transformative process of writing.

I've been a husband several times, Army Officer, solicitor, exam invigilator, postman, TV extra, life class model, taxi despatcher, MORI pollster, mystery shopper, medicine leaflet evaluator, Lifebook interviewer, warehouseman, clerk, waiter, Secretary of a Charity and a Quaker and have lived/worked around the world at various times.

Now I have a cat (aka Princess ‘Big Paws’ Penny).

I write out of me, out of time, to extrude the one thing absolutely unknown to readers and that thing is me. I write for me, for the joy and flare of ink among the lines to unwhiten the page within and without.

I write till I cry and laugh and, if I can, the reader probably will too.

Tally ho!