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Leeds Writers and PoetsLeeds Writers and Poets was founded in May 2012 to provide a forum for aspiring writers and poets to gain quality feedback from other people with similar interests.

We are a small group of writers and poets who get together a couple of times a month to give feedback on each other's writing, take part in workshops and generally share the experience of writing.

We have members of all levels, from those who are just starting out to people with several novels under their belt.

We have an ethos of inclusion and support, and welcome writers and poets of all levels of ability – the only pre-requisite is a positive attitude and willingness to give as well as take.


  • Adam Wolstenholme

    Adam Wolstenholme: Should I have had the call for submissions for Thursday? Not seen it yet.

    4 hours ago

  • Amanda

    Amanda: Hello i can’t make the session tonight.... 8th Aug ..... I’ve been struck down with a sickness bug?? I have feedback for Adam and Ian and will pass on next time. Sorry to let you down!

    Thu 8th Aug 2019 at 14:55

  • Amanda

    Amanda: Hello i can’t make the session tonight.... 8th Aug ..... I’ve been struck down with a sickness bug?? I have feedback for Adam and Ian and will pass on next time. Sorry to let you down!

    Thu 8th Aug 2019 at 14:55

  • Mark James Barrett

    Mark James Barrett: The LWAP Summer Party has now been postponed until Saturday 21st September. Thank you.

    Thu 25th Jul 2019 at 12:14

  • Kat

    Kat: Good morning,

    I hope this finds you well. I’m writing to invite you to contribute a piece of writing to Leeds/Dortmund 50, a literature project I’m running in collaboration with Leeds 2023 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the twinning up of Leeds and Dortmund (Germany).

    Leeds/Dortmund 50 brings together a number of writers and writers’ groups from both our cities, resulting in a festival at Chapel FM at the beginning of October this year. The project originated in Writers in Transit, a poetry dialogue between myself and the Dortmund poet Ralf Thenior. For more information: https://www.leedsdortmund50.com/

    Sadly I don’t have the capacity at this stage of the project to involve as many writers as I would wish in direct exchanges, but I do warmly extend this invitation:

    If you’d like to be involved in Leeds/Dortmund 50, you are invited to contribute a new piece of writing (in any form) on the theme of Neighbourhood. Your own neighbourhood, an imagined neighbourhood, neighbourhood as a concept, what separates or unites neighbours, walls and bridges - anything that works for you.

    The deadline is Friday August 16th.

    On the way there, I can offer two free writing sessions on the theme: Thurs 4th and Thurs 25th July, 7.30-9.30pm, Chapel FM. Obviously these are entirely optional.

    Once I have all the writing in my sweaty grasp, I will schedule an event for the festival in which all the pieces can be read in an atmospheric and intimate context upstairs in Studio 3. (I’m thinking along the lines of Radioh Europa, recently seen in the Transform Festival). I will also try and get as many of the pieces as possible translated into German, but that depends on how many pieces we have and how many translators I can arm-twist. We hope to have a sizeable listening audience in Germany.

    All you have to do at this stage is, first, let me know you’d like to contribute, then write the poem/fiction or whatever it turns to be. No word limit, but not a novel!

    I really hope you can be part of this international cross-border project,

    All best, Peter.


    Mon 22th Jul 2019 at 12:39

  • Mark James Barrett

    Mark James Barrett: Some of you aren't on the WhatsApp group so I thought I'd better post here as well just in case: LWAP Summer Party at my place on Saturday 27th July from 4pm. All are welcome.

    Fri 12th Jul 2019 at 12:30

  • Gravatar image

    Andrey Pissantchev: I just had "Making Faces at a Baby on the Bus" published in a magazine called "The Weird and Whatnot"! Link: https://www.amazon.com/Weird-Whatnot-July-2019-ebook/dp/B07TZSD426/ref=sr_1_1?qid=1562929448&refinements=p_27%3AThe+Weird+and+Whatnot&s=books&sr=1-1&text=The+Weird+and+Whatnot

    Some of you may remember this as the second story I ever submitted, back in 2017. Only took me around 10 submissions to get it out.

    Fri 12th Jul 2019 at 12:07

    • Mark James Barrett

      Mark James Barrett: Congratulations Andrey :)

      Fri 12th Jul 2019 at 12:31

    • Richard

      Richard: Cool. Top work Dre.

      Sun 14th Jul 2019 at 22:44

  • Kat

    Kat: A message from Clare Roberts.
    Email Address clare@gingkolibrary.com
    Good morning, I am writing to let you know about an event taking place at Bradford Cathedral on Saturday 29 June (3pm) as part of the Bradford Literature Festival, as I believe it will be of interest to your network. We would be grateful if you could share this widely. https://www.bradfordlitfest.co.uk/event/a-new-divan/ With best wishes and thanks, Clare Roberts * Gingko is a UK-registered charity seeking to promote and facilitate dialogue between the Middle East and the Western world through public events, interfaith retreats and a publications programme. In 1814 the German poet Goethe read the poems of the great fourteenth-century Persian poet Hafiz in a new German translation and was immediately inspired to create a Divan of his own, which would become known as the West-Eastern Divan (published in 1819). To mark the 200th anniversary of this major work of world literature, two new books are being published by Gingko this year: a complete, annotated translation of the West-Eastern Divan by scholar Professor Eric Ormsby and A New Divan: A Lyrical Dialogue between East & West by 24 leading contemporary poets – 12 from the ‘East’ and 12 from the ‘West’ – who have written poems especially for the collection on the themes of the 12 books of Goethe’s Divan but speaking to today’s world. We will be holding an event at Bradford Cathedral on Saturday 29 June (3pm) as part of the Bradford Literature Festival. Eric Ormsby will introduce the Divans of Hafiz and Goethe, and Persian scholar Narguess Farzad will read from the poems of Hafiz. A number of the contemporary poets, including the Iranian Fatemeh Shams and the Palestinian Mourid Barghouti, will then read their original compositions, while the English-language versions will be read by Narguess Farzad and the British poet George Szirtes. The conversation in poetry will be matched by a musical dialogue drawing on Hafiz poems set to music by the German composers Gottfried von Einem and Viktor Ullmann, performed by baritone Simon Wallfisch.

    Fri 7th Jun 2019 at 14:20

  • Ian Sietniekas

    Ian Sietniekas: Apologies all, I've had a hectic week and have only just been able to sign up and submit a piece now.

    We're looking pretty thin on the ground for the meeting, is there anyone else being organisationally challenged?

    Mon 20th May 2019 at 18:09

  • Richard

    Richard: https://www.popshotpopshot.com/submit/

    This issue is themed around 'fantasy', accepts poetry or short stories, and there's a month until the deadline, so no excuses to not submit something.

    Tue 7th May 2019 at 09:33